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Peel, core and Chop the apples and put in a saucepan with the Vinegar you have chosen,

Cook until the apples are thick and Pulpy.

Choose the Vinegar to go with what the Apple Sauce is to accompany :-ie  Plum goes well with Gammon and Pork

Rosemary or Minted Cider-Vinegar  would go well with Lamb

2 Cooking Apples

2 tblsp of a Scrubby Oak Vinegar of your Choice

Melt Butter in Pan

Add Flour and cook over a low heat stirring for 2 mins- do not allow to brown

Gradually add the milk:-

NOTE When you first start to add the milk it will curdle slightly as it comes into contact with the Vinegar, Don’t worry this will soon go as more milk is added.

Cook over a medium heat until the mixture starts to thicken, stirring all the the time.

Simmer gently for 2-3 mins.

Season to taste.

25g / 1oz Butter

25g / 1oz Flour

1 pt milk

2-3 tblsp Scrubby Oak Vinegar:-

    Choice of flavour according to         what the sauce is to go with

1Tblsp Sugar if the sauce is to go with a dessert

This Sauce can be used for Sweet and Savoury Foods. Oregano, Basil or Thyme make a great alternative to a cheese sauce for Lasagne then sprinkle Cheese on top.

Spiced Orange is good with Ginger Sponge.

Mix all Ingredients well

Drizzle over a Crisp Green Salad

These quantities can be changed according to Taste

Any of Our Vinegars can be used in this way.

Pair up the Vinegar with the Main constituent of the Salad:-

Plum / Orange with Duck or Pork

Tarragon with Chicken

Ginger / Horseradish / Lemon with Fish

4 tblsp Oil ( Rapeseed or Olive )

6 tblsp Horseradish Vinegar

Small Pinch Salt

Fresh Ground Pepper

Beat all ingredients together.

Add extra milk if you want a thinner Dressing.

Leave for 15 mins in the Fridge to allow the flavours to develop.

150ml / 5floz Soured Cream

2 tblsp Tarragon Vinegar ( or Vinegar of your Choice )

1 tblsp Milk

Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper to taste