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Heat Oil in a saucepan, add the Cold Meat and stir thoroughly.

Add the flour and cook for 1 minute stirring all the while.

Add the Vinegar stir then gradually add the milk stirring all the while. (The milk will curdle to start with, keep adding the milk and it will mix in properly)

Add the yogurt.

Heat until sauce has come to the boil and is thick.

Add the Broccoli or cooked Vegetables and stir.

Put the Mixture in an Oven proof dish and top with the Crumble Mixture.

Bake in a pre-heated oven 190C for 20 mins  

3oz Wholemeal /Plain Flour

3oz Butter / Margarine

1oz Oats

1oz Stuffing ( Dried unmade)

Rub the Butter or Margarine into the Flour.

Stir in the Oats and Dried Stuffing Mixture and put to one side.  

1lb Cooked Meat Diced

1 ½ oz flour

1 tblsp oil

¼ pt milk

5oz Natural Yogurt

6oz Broccoli Florets (Blanched) - you could use leftover cooked vegetables

1 tblsp Sweet Plum Vinegar

Lightly Score the skin of the Duck Breast season with salt and pepper if desired

Place the Duck Breast Skin Down straight from the fridge into a large Frying Pan ( pre-heated over a medium heat)

There is no need to use any oil as there will be sufficient fat come out of the Duck Skin.

Cook for 3-4 mins Turn and cook for a further 12 mins turning occasionally during the cooking time, until the duck is cooked through.

Remove from the pan and put aside to cool down.

If desired now is the time time to remove the skin and fat from the breast before it cools down.

Sweet Chilli Pepper Sauce

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Garlic clove -Crushed

4 Pieces Crystallized Ginger Finely Chopped

3 tblsp Sweet Chilli Vinegar

1 tblsp Honey

1/4 tsp Paprika

Fresh Ground Pepper

For the Wrap

1 Duck Breast

2-3 Flour Wraps

Bean sprouts

Fresh Coriander

Crisp salad Leaves

To make the Sauce -

Finely chop the Red Pepper, place in a saucepan along with the other sauce ingredients. Cook over a low heat stirring all the time until the mixture has thickened-approx 25 mins

To make the Wraps

Thinly slice the Duck breast and place a few slices in the middle of the wrap, add the bean sprouts, salad leaves and coriander and drizzle the Chilli Pepper Sauce liberally over the filling .

Fold the bottom of the wrap up first then one side in then the other side.


You could also use Chicken Breast  or Stir Fry Pork or Beef as an alternative.

 To make the Riata

Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Taste and season if needed.

Put in the Fridge.

Place the Chicken and the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and mix well- I find this easiest to do with a pair of plastic gloves on and squish it all together with my hands.

Divide into 8 portions and form a Burger Shape with your hands, pressing it together.

Put these on a plate and cover then place in the fridge.

For The Burgers

500g Minced Chicken

100g Breadcrumbs

1 Small Red Onion- Finely Chopped

1 Dessert Spoon Chatney Sauce

25g Fresh Coriander

Riata (Yogurt Dressing)

½ Medium Cucumber Grated

2 tsp Lemon Vinegar

200g Greek Yogurt

5-6 Mint Leaves

Seasoning (Optional)

When you are ready to cook the Burgers pre-heat the grill to High or make sure the BBQ is Hot.

Cook for 10-12 mins turning halfway through the cooking to make sure they are evenly cooked.

Make sure they are cooked all the way through and are piping hot.

Serve with Burger Buns, Riata and a Crisp Salad.

Follow the instructions from your Butcher or on the Packaging for cooking the Gammon Joint .

When you are going to Glaze the Joint prior to Baking / Roasting use the Plum Jelly of your Choice.  

Gammon Joint

Jar of Plum Jelly

There are 5 Flavours to choose from :-

Plain Plum, Plum with a Hint of Chilli, Plum with Mint, Plum with Rosemary or Plum with Chilli.

Separate the Ribs if they are in a rack.

Put the Ribs, Oil and Vinegar into a self Basting Roasting Dish.

Mix about to coat the ribs with the Oil and Vinegar. Put the Lid on the Roasting Dish and put in a pre heated oven 180C for 20 mins turning occasionally.   

Pork Ribs

1 tblsp Oil

3-4 tblsp Plum Vinegar