We have reviewed our postage costs and to keep costs as low as possible we have decided to opt for Economy 3-5 working Days delivery instead of Next Day. The New costs are as follows;-

Up to £12 in Value Postage will be £5.00

From £12 - £20 in Value postage will be £6.80

      £20+       in Value Postage will be £10.75

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 £20+       in Value Postage will be £8.20

Orders being sent to Europe an extra £10 is needed.

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 Heritage Pickled Onions    £4.23

An Extra Special Pickled Onion, Crunchy with a Unique Taste.

Pickled to an Old Family Recipe using a mix of spices no longer found in Modern Pickling Recipes. A Real Blast from  the Past.

An Ideal Accompaniment to Cheeses, Cold and Cured Meats.

Packed in 250 gram Jars.

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Ginger Pickled Pears        £4.10

Sweet Pickled with a slight crunch in our Ginger Vinegar. A Delightful Accompaniment to Fine cheeses, especially White Stilton, Charcuterie, Thai,  Asian Dishes, and a cooling side dish for Curries.

As a Pudding with Chilled Mascarpone Cheese.

Packed in 250 gram  jars.

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Sweet Pickled Pudding Onions £4.23

A Pickled Onion with a difference !

Crunchy, Sweet and Pickled in our Spiced Blackberry Vinegar. With the taste of Blackberries and Mulled Wine.

A Good Accompaniment with Rich Fruit Cakes, Sweet Mince Meat, Venison, Charcuterie and Fine Cheeses.

If you are looking for a new taste sensation these could be for you !    

Packed in 250 gram  jars.

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Chilli Pickled Onions    £4.23

Crunchy and Extra Hot. Pickled prior to jarring up with Fresh Chilli Vinegar added for extra Heat.

A real delight for the Chilli Enthusiast !

Great with a Real Ale or two and a Ploughman’s

Packed in 250 gram  jars

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Spiced Pears                     £4.13

Sweet Pickled with a slight crunch in our Spiced Blackberry Vinegar resulting in a Fruity Mulled Wine taste combined with that of the Pears.

A Good Accompaniment to Charcuterie, Venison, Fine Cheeses or as a Pudding with Creme Fraiche

Packed in 250 gram  jars.

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