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Norfolk Suffolk

We have listed here the Names and contact details of Retailers who stock our Products. If you are looking for a specific item please contact the retailer before making a special Journey as they may not stock our Full Range.

Holkham Hall Gift Shop

Holkham Hall

Selection of Vinegars,            

Heritage Pickled Onions and Ginger Pickled Pears.  All with the Holkham Name on.

For all enquiries 01328 710227

Photo Max Sowerby taken from Holkham website

Earsham Street Deli

Earsham Street, Bungay    01986-894754

Selection of Vinegars

Plumbe & Maufe Farming

Plum Orchards, Burnham Market

Nina Plumbes’ Wonderful Sweet Plum Vinegar is made by us using her own Plums. Nina markets it under her own name.


Please see their website for details of the Shows  Drury and Alldis are attending

Drury and Alldis

Drove Orchards Farm Shop

Thornham Road, Thornham

Selection of Vinegars, 60ml Trio Packs, Ginger Pickled Pears,

Heritage, Pudding and Chilli Pickled Onions.

01485 525652

Norfolk Deli

16, Greevegate, Hunstanton

Selection of Vinegars, 60ml Trio Packs,

Heritage and Pudding Onions

01485 535540

Infusions Experience

Lundy Court, Rougham Industrial Estate   01359 272577

Horseradish Vinegar, Lemon Vinegar



1 South Street, Crowland,


Selection of Vinegars and Pickled Products