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Scrubby Oak products are all Artisan made using the Finest Natural ingredients specially selected for their Quality in terms of Flavour, Colour and Taste, often using Older less commercial varieties and some from Wild stock. These are then turned into our Preserves with a high degree of care using Hand Made processes from the beginning of the process until the end using our own Recipes.

The Chutneys, Sauces and Pickled products are all made using our own Vinegars as a base making them truly unique and imparting into them a Distinctly Different taste. Our Sweet English Vinegars, include some varieties not found anywhere else and with a depth of flavour colour, taste and clarity to place them  among the Highest Quality Naturally Produced Vinegars available on the market today.

“ A serious Alternative to Balsamic Vinegars in terms of Flavour and Versatility”


Grown from a Vinegar Mother and Aged. These Vinegars are Bursting with Natural Flavour and Colour.

For individual Characteristics and suitable Food Combinations please click through to our Online Shop.

250ml Vinegars   Click Here

An economical way of buying larger quantities of our Sweet Vinegars. Use to refill your Glass Bottles.

500ml Plastic Refills

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Pickled using our own English Vinegars. These Pears and other Fruits make an Ideal accompaniment to both sweet and savoury dishes.

For further information on their many uses, please click through to our Online Shop.

Pickled Fruit

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Trio Gift Packs

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A Perfect Gift for the Cook or way of trying Three flavours of your choice. Great size for taking away on camp or Caravan

Pickled using our own English Vinegars. These Onions are a worthy addition to any Fine Cheese Board or Cold Meat Platter. Made using Old Recipes, they differ in taste from other pickled Onions and include  our renowned  “Pudding Onion”

Pickled Onions

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